Our most intensive service option, the Overhaul can bring an old bike back to life.



You have a classic bike, and you want to bring it back to its former glory. The Overhaul will disassemble and re-grease the bearings in the hubs, headset and bottom bracket to get them rolling smoothly again. After that we degrease the drivetrain, and reinstall it with new lube so that it will work quietly. Then clean the frame up and tune the bike up so that it runs as well as it's able to.

Often with the overhaul we recommend new tires and tubes, brake pads, cables or housing: it is really a bike by bike project. Though it can get expensive, if you don't want, or know how, to refurbish a bike, we can work with you to find out what's best for your budget and the bike itself.

An Overhaul starts at $250 and Includes

Overhaul Hubs/Headset

  • Replace bearings and re-grease hubs, headset, and bottom bracket

Degrease Drivetrain

  • Remove chain, cassette, crank
  • Degrease and reinstall with new chain lube


  • Adjust the hub bearings
  • True the wheels
  • Air up the tires


  • Re-tension front and rear shifting to eliminate dropped chains, loud gears or missed shifts
  • Align brake pads to ensure quiet, powerful braking


  • Tighten crank bolts to torque specifications
  • Quick frame wipe down