Our basic service option, the Tune Up is built to get your bike back to good working condition.



We understand. You want your bike to feel good when you ride it, and you want it to shift when you tell it rather than halfway up the bridge across Carmel Drive...

If you feel that it's not working the way it should (or you can't remember the last time you had a tune up) bring it in and talk to us about what you've been hearing or feeling and we'll get it checked out.




Sometimes, you're just riding along and things happen. Any sort of damage or accident is a great time to have the rest of your bike checked out.

The Tune Up goes through the major systems of the bike and resets things to their proper settings. If your bike isn't shifting anymore, or your brakes are squeeking and hitting the rim, we will take care of that, as well as checking that everything is properly tightened down.




Tune Up starts at $80 and Includes


  • Adjust the hub bearings
  • True the wheels
  • Air up the tires


  • Re-tension front and rear shifting to eliminate dropped chains, loud gears or missed shifts
  • Align brake pads to ensure quiet, powerful braking


  • Inspect bottom bracket
  • Tighten crank bolts to torque specifications
  • Quick frame wipe down